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Department of Information Technology

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The Information Technology department came into being in the year 2001. We make strenuous effort to earn our motto “Information-Intellutual-Integration in order to update the student with current trends in software field. The goal of the department is to make the student more informative for facing the challenges of the upcoming technological world.We have dedicated faculty members and latest licensed softwares for the students to excel in all aspects. The Department emphasis on the fundamentals of information technology and training, so that the students can empower their knowledge and understanding to meet the challenges in the society


Our department is the innovative resource that continuously enhances campus life using information and computing. We are dedicated to ensurvey the integrity of data, improving the delivering of instruction and fostering a bright technological future for our students.


To Uplift the students of our region through advanced quality education in Information Technology.To provide technical solutions in the field of IT to the local society.To provide good quality training in the field of IT.To provide students with the tools to enhance good knowledge in the field of IT

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Department of Information Technology


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