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The Bishop Caldwell College Alumni

Alumni Association

The Bishop Caldwell College Alumni Association is one of the most vibrant wings of the college. It encourages alumni across the world to stay connected to their Alma Mater. The Alumni association gives a chance to relive their college life through their participation in the college activities. The success of the alumni lies in the active participation of its members. The Alumni Association aims to support the motto of our college "Seek, Study and Shine".

Office bearers are elected and placed in the following posts for the efficient functioning of the Alumni Association

Alumni Association Members

  • President: S. Jacob
  • Vice President : Vijay JebaPra
  • Secretary: Mrs.V.AliesAnbukani
  • Co-ordinators: Mrs. Caroline, Mrs.Dalsy Prema, Mrs. Jeya.

The president and secretary will be selected annually.The Alumni association conduct an Annual meeting for the alumnievery year on the second saturday of May. The Annual Alumni meet is conducted on an aim to bring the current and old alumni by bring them together for the event. During the annual alumni Meet, the office bearers are elected. In the recent years, Bishop Caldwell College Alumni Association has made a great progress in its mission to enable alumni connections and foster a meaningful, lasting relationship.

If we all join hands and work together, the Alumni Association of our college will reach sky heights in the years to come. I kindly request all the alumni to give a reach to our Alumni Association among the old students of our college and also to involve in activities for the betterment of our college.