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College Library


Library plays an integral role in the temple of Education . Library provides the students a very healthy environment in the learning process by taking notes and helps to complete their assignemnets completing the assignments. Our Library provides a very calm and disciplined atmosphere which helps students to maintain a good concentration on their studies The catalogue is upto date the books have been listed author wise and subject wise. Our college library is under the change of a qualified librarian. A library is known as the stone house of books. It is a place where books are arranged neatly and systematically.


Develops and delivers new methods of creating and Supporting Knowledge resources. We explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information. We also provide well equipped and functional spaces where Students can pursue independent learning.


We equip our students for a knowledge driven, global society. We support research and scholarly communication through collaborative opportunities. We bring students and information together.

Email- bcclibrary1996@gmail.com
Members of the library association
Mr.J.S Devarajan Secretary
Dr. Lt. (cdr). D.Jeyasingh Principal
Prof. Meera Assistant Prof of Mathematics
Prof .Caroline Assistant Prof of Computer science
Prof. Vijayakumar Assistant Prof of Sociology
Prof .Sulochana Assistant Prof of History
Prof. Surya Assistant Prof of B.Com.,
Prof. Fathima Assistant Prof of Tamil
Prof. Pauline.K Associate Prof of English

General Rules

  • It is necessary that all students should have the ID card when they enter the library.
  • To borrow/renewal/submission of books students should have ID card
  • A student can renew the book for the maximum of three times
  • Books lost/damaged/defaced/injured must be replaced laced by the borrower
  • Discipline and silence must be maintained in the library



Computer : 3
Internet Connectivity : Provided
Library Management Software version :
Barcode printer : 1
Barcode Scanner : 1
Printer with Xerox : 1

Library Collection

Total No. of Books : 5162
No . of Volumes :
No. of Reference book : 550
No . of Journals : 9
No. of Magazines : 7
No . of News papers : 3
No . of Back Volumes of Journals : 4
CD/DVD's : 25
E -Book CD : 10
Question Bank : 10


 Qualification : B.A.,.B.ED.,MLIS.,M.Phil.,
 Area of Specialization : Library and Society
 Email ID : jeyalibrarian@gmail.com
 Phone : +91-9994573231
 Experience : 19 Years
 No.Of. Seminar/ Workshop Attendede : 2 (National Level)
 No.Of.Seminor / Workshop Attended : 1 (International Level)
 Other Responsibility : Library Advisory Committee, Web Updating ,IQAC Member